I've been an  advertising art director and creative director for nearly 30 years.


I love the industry but you never have total creative freedom.


So I've been working on this collection of photo collages over recent years and now they're ready to share.

It's been a long and painstaking process, a genuine labour of love.

Each one is created from many individual shots, often taken all around the world.


I have to take hundreds of shots to create each one. So I carry a camera around with me all the time.


Photographing clouds, water, trees, jet trails and beaches has become an addiction.

And I've grown immune to odd looks from strangers as I point the camera straight up or straight down, seemingly at nothing of interest.

That's followed by weeks of putting the collages together.


It's like trying to do a jigsaw puzzle without a picture on the box lid to refer to.

It's trial and error... trial and error.

But they're all mine and I hope you like the results as much as I've liked making them.